Why become an Applicant?

Latest UK figures (to August 2014) show 767,000 16-24 year olds are unemployed. 115,000 of these have been unemployed for two years or more. Evidence shows that mentoring has been very effective in bringing down these figures from the record highs of two years ago.

How to become an Applicant

Complete a simple tick box application form which asks details of the areas you are interested in. You will then have access to a database from which you can select a mentor whose career path and expertise matches your interests and aspirations.

Why become a Mentor?

The satisfaction of being able to combat this problem in a really positive way, to use your experience and expertise to help young people, to “give something back” to your old school.

How to become a Mentor

Complete a simple tick box form which asks your area of expertise and the ways in which you would be willing to mentor the applicant e.g. come to school to talk about your career path, help with interview technique and cv writing, work placements etc.

Why enrol your School?

Responsibility for careers advice has now passed from councils to schools and Ofsted is making careers advice part of its examination. Schools that offer on-going support to students as they move on to university, apprenticeships and the jobs market will attract the right kind of student and parent.

How to enrol your School

Complete a simple form on line and email it to Mark Gummer, Managing Partner, Jobs Network.

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